Don't Quit
Shore Up
Fight to the Bell

It's not a phrase.
It's who we are.
It's what we believe.

Our Story...

Pain is a part of life.
It has a way of making us become something different.
And whether that something different is becoming bitter
or becoming better is up to us and the story we want to tell.
For better or for bitter, pain has a unique ability to transform a person.

It's not if, but when cancer will impact your life.
Sometimes the fight is years or months long
and ends with ringing the bell.
Sometimes you fight and fight and fight,
and you ring the bell only to have it comeback.
And other times the fight is using the last few days
to say what you need to say.

Like anyone who has lost a parent, spouse, sibling, child,
or loved one to cancer I was left with a void in my life,
while holding a giant why?
And one of the questions I had to wrestle with is,
what do I do with this pain?

And really what I found is it's okay to not be okay for awhile.
But it's not okay to stay there.
So, what do you do with the pain?
What do you do when the miracle doesn't occur?

You redeem it.
And you use what was meant for evil to bring good into the world.

We have been in the fight.
And we want to be with you as you fight.
We want to extend our heartbeat in support of families facing cancer.
We want to inspire people to fight one more day.
We feel we have a responsibility to stand in the gap
to engage and inspire the courage that is in you.
The courage to fight.

With everything we do at Shore Up we lead with the simple focus...
Don't Quit.
Shore Up.
Fight to the Bell.

What's in a Name?

On February 4th, 2021 my dad told me he had cancer.

It was something we had feared for a few weeks.

After he said the words he looked at me and said, But we are going to shore up and fight.

What dad meant was we needed to find our courage because we're all going to need each other to beat this. What he didn't realize is to shore up means to support something, or to keep it from falling. We were his something he needed to shore up.

Seven weeks later dad died.

But his resolve, his words, and his courage live on.

Don't quit.

Shore up.

Fight to the bell.


Co-Owner John Doe


Ashton is the Managing Director of Mutual of Omaha Advisors - Greater Ozarks, and works to coach and develop professionals in the insurance and financial services industry. He started in this industry with the goal of making a difference in the lives of families. Today he's able to do that by coaching insurance agents and financial advisers not just on how to increase their sales and build their business development skills, but also on how to serve clients with care and compassion.

Co-Owner Jane Doe


Kimberly is a financial advisor with Edward Jones in Marshfield, MO, who works to help people reach their financial goals. It is important to her that
she invest her time and energy into people in ways that give back and empower those in need of her help. She understande we are all on a journey, and we all need people alongside us who help us start, give perspective, and keep us on track to accomplish what is important in life.

Co-Owner John Doe


Jeremy is the Chief Operations Officer at Legacy Bank and Trust, and is an active member of the Branson/Hollister Rotary Club and the Professional
Advisors Council of the Community Foundation. When he's not at work, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family. He enjoys most outdoor activities, but playing golf is at the top of his list.

Co-Owner Jane Doe


A talented accounting professional who is skilled in financial statement reporting & analysis. Enjoys mastering and evaluating new processes to find efficiencies. Seeks to understand why and how things happen. A big picture thinker who executes detailed tasks with precision. Values advice, guidance, and input from supervisors and colleagues to propel the team’s objectives.

Co-Owner John Doe


Experienced realtor with a demonstrated history of success in the investment management industry. Accomplished in real estate as a buyer's agent, listing agent, relocation specialist, as well as commercial property sales, and entrepreneurship. Strong, passionate professional with a desire to help others achieve their goals and design a life worth living.


Co-Owner John Doe


Co-Owner Jane Doe


Co-Owner John Doe


Co-Owner Jane Doe


Why Purple?

There are more than 100 types of cancer that can occur in the human body.
Typically the type of cancer is named for the organs or tissues where the cancer forms.
Purple is often used to represent all cancers.
And our mission is to support people fighting cancer of any kind.

Our Values

We are deep in a shallow world.
We are constant in a changing world.
We are spiritual in a material world.
We are patient in an instant world.
We are confident in an uncertain world.
We are hopeful in a desperate world.
We are fighters in our world.
And we are in your corner.